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Under strangest of circumstances did I frequent this establishment. ‘Twas the hour before pre-drinks and this Kebab reporter had not eaten a thing. A quick nip out to grab a light bit was all I wanted. Now. Once one enters the darkened realm of Pizza World, one can be easily swayed away from culinary modesty and high caloric sobriety. That is to say, it is very easy for one to be led into temptation.

x-tra phaaat

So. I decided to go the full hog, the brilliant 5th mile, and get a 12 inch pizza. I am not a large man, particularly, so this was a lot to me. The pizza boasted tomato and cheese, as well as oregano. Not that fancy but still containing a degree of class. And this is is when I started thinking, where is the mid-range pizza?

I’m talking a bit classier than your average Pizza World, certainly a couple of steps up from the recently assessed ‘grade zero hygiene’ establishments. But at the same time, pizza hut and the grand Dominoes are too much, at fifteen odd quid a pizza. Expensive and heavily processed, I’ve heard stories of people nabbing some Dominoes boxes from the back of a lorry, only to find they contain miles upon miles of processed cheese for the stuffed crust.

So this is a call out to any savvy business studies students who have a bit of spare time on their hands post-university (oh they will) and wish to make a bit of easy capital. Fill that gap in the market and produce a nicely moderately priced pizza for us to enjoy.


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